Monday, August 15, 2011

Unholy Confessions

While I was in treatment it was co ed but we couldn't talk to the guys but there was a guy that caught my eye and we exchanged numbers and so when my mom came to visit me on the saturday I left I had texted him from her phone and told him to come get me and he did and so on my way I went and we went out that night to  a bar and I got wasted and the next day I went to my friends house and stayed with her and didn't contact anyone but I hung with him the whole week or week and a half I was out. I had a little money but spent that on dope and I was bangin again that week with him. My parents filed a missing person report because no on had heard from me except like two of my friends. Him and I started kinda dating and the last night I was on the run we had got some Heroin and apparently it was mixed with coke so that didn't sit well with him and he overdosed.. I walked up stairs from making him like the 3rd sandwich because the damn dog kept eating the first 2 I had made for him. I think he was overdosing for like 20 min before he went out because he seemed sick or something, I tried to make him feel better but then he did more and was turning blue and shit. It was really scary so my friend and I called for an ambulance and then police came. He was saved and I went to jail that night because of the warrant I had out and the next morning I was released because my probation expired.. lol so I guess I got off easy.. at least in that state. I was just glad that legal stuff was done with. After that him and I decided to make it official and somewhere along the lines we got engaged. Everything is a bit hazy during that time and it was all messed up but it happened.. I then flew back home a week after all of that happened. I still took pills and drank before I flew back home and Im sure I got drunk on the plane... my poor dad... Im sure I was a peach!