Sunday, August 14, 2011


Sophomore year wasn't actually as bad as my Freshman year but I got my 1st Minor and was suicidal and taken to the hospital once again with a blood alcohol level of .3 which is coma for some people. I ended up in some neighbors flower bed and was stumbling around my friends culdasac. I was then taken to a state hospital psych ward which was no cake walk. This place was scary and I was there for 5 days. My parents kept trying new counselors and such and I tried a therapy called Rapid Eye Therapy. I was smoking pot more than 3 to 4 times a day and drinking whenever I could along with my pill popping. I tried selling my adderall for a while but that ended when I stopped getting it. I was taken out of school and put into charter schools and then we all agreed that online was the best. I wasn't to happy because I was taken out of my element and couldn't screw around as much. My parents tried subliminal tapes and motivational tapes by Anthony Robins. That didn't last very long. My moods were pretty erratic one minute I would be making a special breakfast for my parents and cleaning the house and later that evening I would turn into an angry raging addict. This was the year I missed out on a national dance competition in Vegas and my recitals for that year. That was really hard considering I did well in dance and I loved it. I worked at two different places that year and one job I stole money from the register and clothes and would sell them and my own clothes at  Plados Closet so I could get more money for drugs. I got more minors during this year and I think that put me up to like 6 total... So after 3 the courts stepped in a ordered me to more treatment so that brought me to my Junior year and around December I went to Hazelden once again got kicked out again, I had to pay some fines to the courts and do some community service but during this time I was taken to a homeopathic doctor and put on some vitamins but I don't think I took them long enough for them to work properly.  More money down the drain....More failed attempts to control the beast.