Monday, August 15, 2011

One Death..Two Death..

September of 2008 was a shitty month I had to fly back to my home state for both my grandmas funerals. That was probably the worst month of my life. I was really close with both my grandmas and my dads mom, I watched her take her last breath...That was hard, I wouldn't change that for the world but it was definitely really hard and I still cry anytime I think about it. I used during this whole time and upset my parents so they said you find you own way back home.. The night of one of my grandmas funerals me and a few cousins went out and my sisters came too and I ordered some drinks at the bar and the sister that doesn't used tried to take them from me and it spilled all over so i cussed her out and she left but luckily my parents didn't do anything because I had warrants out from leaving the state and still being on probation, after she left my cousin felt we needed to go and 3 minutes after we left 3 people got shot and it was not good... It was just weird how that all played out..
 after that I stayed with my cousin for a few days until my best friend took me in for a month. I racked up more credit card debt (by this time I had 5 credit cards) I did have enough for a plane ticket but during this time I partied every night and found a pill connection so I was taking pills most of the time. I had fun and I hid my problem to my close friends but I think they still saw through it all and figured there was a problem, I was drinking so heavily it was pretty obvious. I had my ex pick me up from the airport and we continued for about another year to mess around and go back and forth with out relationship...