Monday, August 15, 2011

Like A Smurf

So the next day I got picked up and started using hardcore again for almost two weeks. I made money... Can't really disclose how I made money but I had money and I was using Meth and Heroin everyday and I was drinking but not as heavily as I usually do. I didn't go balls to the wall. However with the drugs I did. After a week of using I was at my sisters friends apartment and they were moving so we were all just sitting around waiting for the movers I think but we were all smoking Heroin and there was one kid who had some clean rigs and I took him aside bought some Heroin and did three big shots... which I thought were small but this particular Heroin was really strong and After the 2nd shot I was pretty messed up but I decided to do one more small one before me and this kid left the bathroom. I had to hide this because my sister would not want to be apart of me shooting up. I couldn't really stand up I started throwing up about 10 minutes later and I was so disoriented I didn't know what was going on and I was just in the bathroom the whole time sick and dry heaving after about 20 minutes of that I remember being super tired, like beyond tired... and I even called a few friends to help because my sister wasn't listening and she thought I was just complaining... but I was slowly overdosing and no one knew.. but I knew something was wrong, finally we got in the car and I was excited so I sat in the back and tried to rest and when we stopped at home depot for some reason that was my last memory I must have passed out and I have no idea how long I was out for but I was drooling and foaming and my sister happened to look back and I was completely blue, my lips, nails, legs even, so her fiance flips a bitch and he was freaking out which made her freak out. He has actually dealt with a lot of people overdosing and said hes never seen anyone this far gone, he actually didn't think he could revive me and we sure asa hell didn't have enough time to make it to any hospital. So they checked me and I wasn't breathing and had no pulse so he was breathing air into my lungs and luckily I came to and I don't remember that at all, the next thing I remember was trying to fall back asleep and my sister yelling at me to stay awake and I was angry at her because I wanted to sleep but when we stopped the car she was like dude you just died... I was in total shock, I mean I had no idea obviously... So we got back to her place, that was the next thing I remember and I just sat on the couch and stayed awake for a bit so I didn't pass back out.. That was pretty scary for all of us. I really had no intention of wanting to die this time and it was definitely an eye opening for me...